Short Haired Breeds

Shorthaired breeds of dogs have as many characteristics as what the long-haired ones do. The amount of care they may need can vary. As a result of their short hair grooming is not as big of a task. Fortunately the shorthaired breeds come in both the large medium and small sizes

Italian Greyhound

This is a dog that is known to be calm but timid at the same time. They do adapt to new environments easily with proper care. They are classed as being a great companion dog however they are considered to be frail in nature and have to be handled carefully.


Quite often the Mastiff gets a bad rap for their reputation and yet they are known to have a very calm demeanour although they can be aggressive against intruders. Their short coat and medium length ears means that grooming is minimal but still they will need brushing occasionally.

There are many wonderful shorthaired breeds of dogs to choose from. They all have their own personalities and it is just a matter of choosing one that appeals to the individual who wants to become a dog owner.

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