How to Care for Sick Dogs

For the most part when dogs are looked after properly and they are not prone to illness and disease they live a healthy life. There are times however when the dog can become sick and when this happens they do need special care.

Identifying the Signs

Dog owners soon learn the characteristics of their pet. If any of these characteristics change then this should raise a red flag that the dog may not be well. For example a dog that is a good eater that suddenly is not showing interest in food this may be one indicator. Another sign may be that the dog is not as active as what they normally are.

Getting a Diagnosis

It is not a good idea to try and self diagnose the sick dog:  as an error could be made. Dogs can be subject to many different types of illnesses and identifying what these are as early as possible is critical to getting them back to health. The only professional that is capable of doing this is a qualified vet. Although it can be expensive for vet visits it is well worth getting an early diagnosis otherwise it can lead to a lot more expense and could even cost the dog their life.

Diet Changes

Depending on the illness that the dog is suffering from there may be a need for diet change. This should be supervised by the veterinarian but it is important that the dog owner fully understands what the change is and stick to this.

Giving Medications

One of the problems that dog owners run into with the sick dog is being able to administer the medication that may be necessary. A lot of families are away during the day and the dog may require meds during this time. If possible arranging for family member or a neighbour to be able to give the dog their medicine would be ideal.

It can be difficult to get dogs to take their meds but often mixing them with a type of food that they like will solve the problem.

The vet may suggest a follow-up visit even if the dog appears to be on demand. While it may seem that this is a waste of money if the dog seems to be recovering the follow-up should still be done. It is important that the vet gives the dog clean bill of health so that there is no return of the illness.

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