Tips To Protect Your Furniture From Dogs

We all love dogs. They are unbelievably innocent, playful, loyal, generally happy, easily pleased, and always full of laughter. Dogs have become like a member of our family. However, do you constantly find a lot of dog hair, odors, drool, or scratch marks on your beautiful furniture and yourself trying to pick up dog hair to keep the furniture looking nice and neat? This article discusses some tips to protect your furniture from dogs.

1. Use Covers for Your Furniture

This is probably the most effortless way to protect your furniture from your dog. In today’s world, there are many modern options that you could use to cover your furniture, such as blankets, covers, or throws. Your dog might have a favorite spot, and it is probably on your couch. You could use Soderhamn couch cover to protect your couch from the mess by your dog. Soderhamn couch cover is made-to-order and machine-washable with high quality and nice looking.

2. Groom Your Dog Regularly

Regularly grooming your dog will greatly reduce excess shedding. In general, bathing and brushing on a regular schedule is a way to help decrease the extra fur of your dog running all over the place. Also, regularly trimming the nails of your will help cut down the odds of your furniture being scratched.

3. Avoid Wood Furniture

Not all dogs like to chew on furniture. If your dog does, avoid wood furniture, especially table legs made of bare wood because table legs are on the floor and right in the reach of your dog’s mouth.

4. Pick Your Furniture Made of Pet Friendly Materials

Leather and microfiber are the two most popular pet-friendly materials for furniture. Leather is very easy to clean and it is more odor resistant. Also, leather does not attract hair like other materials. Microfiber has good durability and it is difficult to stain. Also, microfiber is good to repel wetting.

5. Get a Nice Dog Bed

Everybody loves a nice thing, and so does your dog. If you get a nice and comfortable bed for your dog, you could find your dog replacing his favorite spot on your couch by the bed. It stands to reason that the more time the dog will stay in his nice and comfortable bed the less his hair, stains, odors, scratches, chews, or puke that you will find on your beautiful furniture.

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