Long Haired Dog Breeds

There are some individuals that don’t care for the long-haired breeds simply because of the work that is needed for the care of the coats of these animals. Then, on the other hand, there are those that simply adore a breed that has the long hair as they enjoy not only the nature of the dog but being able to tend to the coat is a challenge.

Afghan Hound

For those looking for a dog that fits into the long hair breed this particular breed is not going to disappoint them. They come in a variety of colours and they are considered to be a medium size dog. They have a high energy level and are well known for their racing and confirmation performances.

American Water Spaniel

This is considered to be a long-haired breed but does not appear as long as some of the others. This is because the coat can vary from being slightly wavy or very tight and curly. They are a high energy dog and enjoy activities such as hunting and agility training. Those that are going to invest in the American Water Spaniel are going to have to be prepared to spend time exercising and being a companion to this dog.

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