Dogs and Plant Care

You might not think that having a dog could give you an interest in plant care. Still, you will likely be surprised as to how curious you become about nature when you are walking your pet through the local parks. It is very easy for a pretty flower or unusual foliage to catch your eye, and you might not always know what it is. That’s where the getplanta plant care app comes in handy.

What is a Plant Care App?

The getplanta plant care app is easy to download onto your phone. Then, when you are out walking your dog, and you see a flower you like the look of, simply scan an image of it, and the app will tell you what the plant is and how best to take care of it.

If you decide you want one for your home or garden, you can see if it will be suitable for you. If the plant likes a shady area, but your garden is a sun trap, it might not be a good fit. It will also tell you about the best soil for the plant. That way, if your garden is not ideal, you know how to prepare the ground to make it more suitable. You might even find a trough or pot type planter is going to be the best way to make the most of your new plant.

Dog Friendly

You need to make sure the plant is also suitable for your dog. There are many flowers that are poisonous to dogs, and so if you are going to be buying new plants for your garden, they have to be safe. The plant care app will also help you to find out how to do that. A hydrangea, for example, looks lovely, grows to a good size, and will look stunning in a large garden, but will make your dog very ill if ingested accidentally. As you can’t keep an eye on your dog every second that it is in your garden, it is better to avoid having the plant there at all.

This also means that the getplanta plant care app will also be helpful when you are out and about with your four-legged friend and the dog picks something up that you are unsure of. Berries or leaves that fall on the ground are all fair game to a dog who is having a sniff in the undergrowth. Most dogs won’t eat something they just randomly find, but every now and again, they might.

Scan the berries or leaves that your dog has just eaten, and you will see if they are safe; if not, you can take your dog straight to a vet. The app might just save your dog’s life.

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