Three Dog Food Ingredients That Are Harmful

As a pet owner, you want your animal to be as healthy as possible. Whether you prefer your pup to eat from Royal Design bowls and plates or not, part of your dog’s health involves exercise and nutrition, and there are a variety of ingredients in your dog’s food that are not healthy.

1. White Flour

White flour is a non-nutritious dog food ingredient that causes dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels, making your dog hungry, even if they have already eaten. The consumption of this simple carbohydrate causes dogs and puppies to gain weight and possibly develop diabetes. A healthy alternative to this ingredient is whole grain or grain-free ingredients, such as oats, brown rice, and quinoa.

2. Artificial Colors

Artificial colors are included in dog food to make it visually appealing. These colors have been linked to a variety of biochemical processes and hyperactivity. A healthy alternative to artificially colored dog foods is food brands that embrace natural colors. Naturally colored food benefits your dog’s health, skin, and coat.

3. Soy

Soy cannot be used as a meat protein for dogs. This ingredient is difficult for dogs to digest, and it can cause bloating and gas. Soy is an ingredient that is commonly found in the least expensive dog foods. It’s best to avoid soy altogether. Healthy alternatives for soy ingredients are meat-based proteins. You need foods that are excellent sources of protein and amino acids, such as eggs and specific meats.

When it comes to finding quality dog food brands, you don’t have to look for fancy lettering and graphics. Instead, look at the ingredients listed on the food bag. The first three ingredients are what the dog food mostly contains.

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