How to Travel Safely With Your Dog

Are you thinking of taking a weekend out in the countryside and don’t want to leave your dog at home with no one to offer care to? Dog lovers find it cumbersome traveling with their pups, but this should not bother you. Early preparations and the right crates will ensure your dog is safe and enjoys the journey to your destination.

Here is a guide on how to travel with your dog.

Find Crates and Create Space

Solo travelers prefer sitting with their dogs in the front seat and have no need to do early preparations like those traveling as a family. However, veterinarians find it dangerous to travel with the dog in the front and recommend keeping them on backseats. Therefore, get a sizeable crate for your pup and some blankets to offer more comfort. Also, ensure you’ve not packed the vehicle and left no breathing space for the puppy. They need enough supply of air too.

Take Breaks Over the Journey

Long-distance travels may be stressful to pets hence the need for breaks after some hours. After an hour or two, park at the safe roadside and allow the dog to poop or stretch for some minutes. However, strapping them before leaving the car is recommended. Keeping the dog seated for several hours may cause discomfort and depression. I bet you don’t want to see your pet depressed.

Ask a Vet to Offer Anxiety Pills

If your dog has never traveled long-distance or has anxiety issues, ask your appointed vet to give you some anxiety pills. However, for this to work, the tablets must be administered days before. Get it at the right time to ensure the dog is in a good mood during and after the journey.

Feed the Pup Earlier

Feeding the dog immediately before the journey onset may increase its chances of discomfort. Feed it at least 3 hours before you leave your home. As such, it’ll not experience stomach upsets or other forms of distress.

Bottom Line

As outlined above, dog travel is simple and enjoyable when done right. Prepare early and obtain the necessary documentation from the authorities to have a smooth trip with your lovely pet.

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