Significant Symptoms of a Sick Dog

Unlike humans, dogs have no way of telling people they are feeling sick. However, pet lovers can identify a sickly dog by how it behaves and feeds. Although dogs show they are sick at later stages, monitoring their moods and feeding patterns can help identify symptoms that show a dog is sick.

This article outlines warning signs that show your pup may be sick and require a vet’s attention.

Behavior Change

Withdrawal, lethargy, and aggressiveness are common indicators that all is not well with a dog. Sudden changes in an energetic and playful dog should prompt you to call in a veterinary. Does the dog growl when people try to touch certain body parts? If so, it might have injuries or other discomforts that occur to dogs. Don’t overlook these symptoms because they could lead to its death or a severe condition.

Sudden Weight Loss

Dogs maintain their weight and only start losing it at an older stage. If your pup suddenly loses weight, something wrong is going on in its body. If the dog has no lifestyle change and is not on a diet, and starts losing weight, it’s time to visit a vet.

Lack of Appetite

If a dog starts taking small meals from its usual servings, it may be having a health condition. Most people have a feeding schedule for dogs where both water and meals are served. If the same schedule is followed and the canines eat less, they may have digestion issues. Also, drinking excess water signifies that the pup may have kidney issues, fever, or hormone problems.

Respiratory Complications

Dogs encounter respiratory issues such as nasal discharge, coughing, and wheezing. This could be as a result of the flu or cold. Also, runny nose, breathing difficulties, and red eyes are common symptoms for dogs with respiratory complications.


Dogs are essential family members in a home. They must be kept healthy and taken for vaccinations to remain happy.

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