Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs play a very important role in society. They are not categorized in the assistance or service dog categories. There are three specific classifications that apply to therapy dogs. These are:

  • Therapeutic Visitation: These are the therapy dogs; https that are used for making visits to places like hospitals and nursing homes. These are usually the family dog that is able to adapt to being around people and enjoy this.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs: This category of therapy dogs are the ones that are able to help people through a recovery process perhaps after an accident or an illness. They can help the patient regain their motor skills or other types of care that is needed to help them progress.

Facility Therapy Dog: These are dogs that will reside right in the facility as opposed to just visiting. Many nursing homes now have a facility therapy dog on hand to help with the care of their patients and to help them deal with certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

No matter which category any of these dogs fall into they all require specific training and have to have the characteristics that are best suited for the responsibilities that are going to be given to them.

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