Police Dogs

Whenever individuals see law enforcement officers out and about and they have a dog with them it immediately attracts attention. These dogs are categorized as police dogs and they have some very special characteristics about them. Not all dogs are suitable for this type of work.

Breeds Suitable As Police Dogs

Dogs that are going to be considered for police work have to have some special characteristics. They have to be able to adapt to training very quickly and some breeds are more capable of this than others. Some examples are:

  • German shepherds
  • Blood Hounds
  • Labrador retrievers

Catching Criminals

When individuals are being sought by the police and are in hiding quite often the police dogs are capable of identifying where they are. These dogs that are trained for this purpose are trained to be aggressive and will bite the suspect if they try to escape. Dogs that are asked to take on these tasks are being subjected to great risk. What is interesting about the dogs is that they have the capability for apprehension as they are hunting dogs by nature.

Detection Tasks

While all breeds of dogs have a sense of smell the dogs that are used for police work have a keener sense. It has been reported that they can be trained to sniff out specific objects or substances. Some of the common tasks that they are used for will be to sniff out explosives or drugs.

Searching and Rescuing

Police dogs are sometimes used for special services such as for search and rescue. They are able to take up the scent of the individual and seek out where they may be. This is a critically important task for people that have been identified as missing and are perhaps in need of rescue.

Police dogs serve a very important purpose for the public in general.

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