Detection Dogs

Detection dogs fall into the category of working dogs. They are sometimes called a sniffer dog which is because they are using their sense of smell to perform their tasks.

Types of Tasks

Most often when individuals think of dogs that are used for detection they automatically think of their uses in the law enforcement industry. However, detection dogs are used for many different specialties and not only for law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Uses

Police officers will often use the police dogs that are trained for detection for a lot of different types of investigations these can include:

  • The discovery of a human body
  • Drugs and items used for drugs
  • Explosives
  • Firearms

Outside of the law enforcement sniffer dogs can be used for other purposes one that is very important is cancer detection.

This is something that many in the medical profession are most excited about. They are relying on the keen smell of dogs to be able to detect cancer that may be detected in the urine or the breath. The success of this is still in its early stages and is being subjected to more research.

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